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Uptown's Merle Norman Owner Passing on Her Passion

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

One of the many blessings we have in life is the ability to share our passions, gifts, and love with others. This generosity can come in many shapes and sizes - philanthropic efforts, spending time, extending knowledge, and more. What we love about so many of the Uptown merchants is that they not only provide us with the products and services we crave, but they take time to be active participants in their community as well, passing on their love and knowledge for their industries with their infectious and generous entrepreneurial spirits.

One such merchant and owner of Uptown’s Merle Norman store, Tamara Lamb, was able to do just that with the women of The Oaks of Louisiana Retirement and Assisted Living Facility. Last month, Tamara visited the home to teach the women about skincare and makeup for their “Changing Skin in the Changing Season” program. Passing on her love and knowledge for a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, Tamara offered pointers and advice in how to best take care of aging, changing skin – especially during the hot Louisiana summer.

Not only did the women of The Oaks learn valuable tips and enjoy a live demonstration, but they had fun and can continue to live happy, healthy, confident, and beautiful lives! We’re so glad to have men and women at Uptown who find joy in sharing their passions and gifts with others and remain involved in many other areas of the community as well.

Visit Tamara at her Merle Norman store and receive some tips of your own!

“Changing Skin in the Changing Season” program


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