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Uptown Cares: Giving Back to School

In the season of going back to school and celebrating a new school year, Uptown Center has made it our mission to facilitate change and give back to the community. While this changing season brings joy and excitement for many parents and their children, some families don’t feel the excitement that comes with buying new school supplies. We feel it’s our duty to change young children’s perception about school; to help them feel confident and positive about school; to help change their attitudes and futures. We can do so by donating school supplies to those underprivileged children in need this year. Please join Uptown Center in our efforts to help every child feel happy and excited about the new school year. We have partnered with Roy’s Kids, a local philanthropy, to give back to the community and ensure no child feels the weight of financial hardships.

Local philanthropist, Michael Sean Powell, has vowed to make a difference and help single mothers and those families who struggle with limited income, making sure no child is left out due to these challenges. Michael, the youngest of a single mother, watched his own mother work double shifts, second jobs, and struggle to provide for her family. Committed to changing the narrative for so many children after him, he founded Roy’s Kids in his brother’s memory in 2010. Roy’s Kids aims to provide to those families who have trouble during significant times like Christmas, when every parent wants their child to have all the presents in the world but can sometimes not afford to give them. Roy’s Kids has since grown to include many other endeavors for underprivileged children throughout the year and is committed to helping children as they enter this new school year.

Please consider bringing school supplies to Uptown Center on Saturday, August 18th from 9:00am – 12:00pm to benefit Roy’s Kids. Donations of any size from pencils to backpacks are appreciated.

Thank you.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela


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