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Tips to Avoid the "Summer Slide"

Summer is a time for fun, play, and relaxation. Vacations to the beach or exotic places, weeks away at camp, and endless days by the pool sound like the ideal summer break for most parents and their children who finally have reprieve from school. But what isn’t ideal about the three-month break is something commonly known as the “summer slide.” The summer slide refers to students returning school and beginning the academic year with considerably lower achievement levels due to summer learning loss.

So how do we combat the summer slide and eradicate summer learning loss? Kumon not only has summer courses that can help keep your children’s brains sharp, but they offer heaps of practical and helpful learning tips to parents, too! Children who continue to exercise their brains in math and reading especially are more likely to be on track or ahead of the game come the beginning of the school year.

Check out some fun tips from Kumon to make summer learning fun:

1.) Take a trip to the library: Going on a field trip to your local library can be both fun and educational! Kids can feel a sense of empowerment when they are given a library card and the freedom to explore books. It’s important to build and sustain reading proficiency as reading each day helps develop vocabulary and comprehension skills. Most libraries even have summer reading programs.

2.) Have a weekly game night: While playing board games with the family might seem like all fun and no learning, it’s quite the opposite. Card games, Scrabble, and Monopoly are some of the many games that require concentration, attention, and math skills. Your kids' brains will stay sharp while having tons of fun!

3.) Let your kids help plan your summer trips: Letting your children get involved in the planning process for your summer vacations can be fun and rewarding. They’ll learn practical and useful research skills and read and retain information they find fun, all the while helping you plan! They can help with the budget and understand geographic location and traveling.

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