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The Impact of Where You Shop

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Where you shop matters. Did you know that shopping at local businesses gives back to the community? Going to buy your Father’s Day gift at Uptown not only presents you with a personable shopping experience offering customer-service, but it also gives a luxury to last-minute shoppers. More than that, it is impacting the growth of your Shreveport-Bossier community.

Local businesses put more money back into the economy than national chains. Did you know that local businesses match consumer spent capital by 34 cents to every dollar, while chain retailers only contribute 10 cents? For the same revenue, local businesses employ 50-70% more employees than chains.

Local businesses and community franchise owners are also influenced by their local community, not distant corporate owners. This affords local owners opportunities to outsource locally and ultimately, benefits through local impact. In a city of one-million, if residents of that community shifted their spending to local shopping and dining by only 5%, it would create 3,000 new jobs, ultimately contributing to the overall enhancement of economic budgets and spending.* #uptownshopping #uptowncenter #shoplocally #local #ShreveportBossier #FathersDay

*Statistics sourced and attributed to: The Local Frequency


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